Check list - Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

Check-in with yourself: checklist

We’ve developed a checklist to answer the question of how to check in with yourself. Checking in with yourself is a really useful tool to give yourself a ‘once-over’ and to consider the status of your own mental and physical health in a mindful way. Take me to the checklist The first stage is to really remove yourself from distractions and give yourself the best … Continue reading Check-in with yourself: checklist

Talking Therapy after Family Separation

Family separation and relationship breakdown can be a traumatic experience for all parties involved, especially the children. If there is parental conflict around the child arrangements then this can exacerbate the conflict resulting in the poor mental health of both the adults and children. Talking therapy after family separation can help. From the child’s perspective, they may internalise feelings or externalise feelings. A downturn in … Continue reading Talking Therapy after Family Separation

Cold Therapy and Mental Health

Cold Therapy is a physical treatment method that can reportedly improve the feeling of wellbeing through the application of cold or ice to the body through either targetting a small area of pain and inflammation, or through a whole-body approach of taking of a cold shower, cold bath, or through immersion via a plunge pool or cold-water swimming. Generally, a cold treatment such as a … Continue reading Cold Therapy and Mental Health