Dr Brené Brown

Dr Brené Brown came to popular awareness through her TED Talk about the Power of Vulnerability which has been viewed over 51 million times and is even prescribed as homework from counselling sessions. Dr Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston, Texas, USA and a visiting professor in management at the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business. Brené Brown’s … Continue reading Dr Brené Brown

The Stockdale Paradox

The Stockdale Paradox is about the balance of optimism and realism and is based on a conversation between Jim Collins, an author, and James Stockdale, the former vice presidential candidate, naval officer and Vietnam prisoner of war. Jim Collins is the author of a famous book called ‘Good to Great’. In the book, Collins explores what it is that means that some companies make the … Continue reading The Stockdale Paradox

Talking Therapy after Family Separation

Family separation and relationship breakdown can be a traumatic experience for all parties involved, especially the children. If there is parental conflict around the child arrangements then this can exacerbate the conflict resulting in the poor mental health of both the adults and children. Talking therapy after family separation can help. From the child’s perspective, they may internalise feelings or externalise feelings. A downturn in … Continue reading Talking Therapy after Family Separation

Solution-focused Brief Therapy

Solution-focused Brief Therapy is a mental health theory that helps clients change by co-constructing solutions based on their existing ‘toolkit’ rather than dwelling on problems. Co-created goals are established through a carefully structured questioning process that revolves around ‘the miracle question’ and then extracting and complimenting any movement towards that goal. SFBT was developed by Steve de Shazer (1940-2005), and Insoo Kim Berg (1934-2007) in collaboration with … Continue reading Solution-focused Brief Therapy

How Mental Health affects Education

The impact of mental health challenges in children and young people can affect their education as well as their day-to-day lives. We know that poor mental health can be debilitating on a daily basis and can prevent us from taking part in society, work, and social activities. When you add this to adolescence, it can compound the feelings and experiences that are already hard when … Continue reading How Mental Health affects Education