Dads in Perinatal Care - toddler wearing head scarf in bed

Mental Health of Dads in Perinatal Care

The Fatherhood Institute ran an informative seminar yesterday around supporting men through the transition to fatherhood, looking at various issues facing new dads including the loss/change in identity, the processing of trauma, post-natal depression in men, and many more topics that all have a relevance to Dads mental health care in perinatal care. The seminar was run to accompany the publication of their new report … Continue reading Mental Health of Dads in Perinatal Care

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New Loneliness Research confirms links to Mental Distress

Research also finds that young people, disabled people and the LGBTQ community are at higher risk of chronic loneliness Ministers across a range of Government departments to launch a renewed effort to tackle loneliness as part of national recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic New loneliness research that has been published today by the UK Government confirms direct links between chronic loneliness and increased mental health … Continue reading New Loneliness Research confirms links to Mental Distress

GP Mental Health Support Improved: two men standing inside a room

GP Mental Health Support Improved

GP Mental Health Support will be improved as new mental health experts will be present at GP surgeries to support people as the need for mental health support skyrockets. Local NHS trust mental health experts will now offer people with severe mental health problems such as bipolar, psychosis or eating disorders, an option for support without needing a GP appointment. This could include a consultation, … Continue reading GP Mental Health Support Improved

Understanding Emotions - Photo by Lisa Fotios

Understanding Emotions

Understanding our emotions can be a challenge in terms of both articulating what we feel and also identifying the differences and similarities between our subjective experiences; i.e. the feeling that I identify as anger, you may identify as frustration. There are a large number of tools available to help us understand and articulate our emotions including the emotions wheel. It can be very challenging for … Continue reading Understanding Emotions

new beginnings and old endings - Photo by Franco Atkins

New Beginnings and Old Endings

New beginnings can be scary, exciting, and emotionally charged times in our lives and naturally occur at transitions such as new relationships, the loss of someone close to us, job or house moves, or similar changes. As we experience something new in our lives, we often have to end something first and it can be these transitions that cause us increased anxiety and fear about … Continue reading New Beginnings and Old Endings

Ladder of Intervention - Photo by Pew Nguyen

Ladder of Intervention

The Ladder of Intervention is a Public Health approach to changing public behaviour through a combination of education, nudge behaviour, empowering change, and ultimately reducing autonomy. To assist in thinking about the acceptability and justification of different policy initiatives to improve public health, The Nuffield Council on Bioethics devised what they call the ‘intervention ladder’ within their report ‘Public Health: ethical issues‘.  The ladder of … Continue reading Ladder of Intervention

Check list - Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

Check-in with yourself: checklist

We’ve developed a checklist to answer the question of how to check in with yourself. Checking in with yourself is a really useful tool to give yourself a ‘once-over’ and to consider the status of your own mental and physical health in a mindful way. Take me to the checklist The first stage is to really remove yourself from distractions and give yourself the best … Continue reading Check-in with yourself: checklist